A WEEK off Twitter & FB: Can I Hack It?

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My Beloved Friends,

I have decided to go on a short sabbatical. Yes. You heard me right. I have decided to take a ONE WEEK break from all form of social networks except for blogging and email. That means that for the next one week,



But not to worry. I shall be okay. Its only one week right?

Why am I doing this? Its an experiment. But I shall tell you more soon.

The question is, Can I Hack It? I guess we’ll have to wait and see 😉

Oh wait, seeing that its still experimental, I may slip up and post something w/o remembering my sabbatical status. (which reminds me, that word ain’t the right one to use….) So kindly ran me a red light and stop me at my tracks! 😀

Love U all!


*Over & Out*

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7 Responses to “A WEEK off Twitter & FB: Can I Hack It?”

  1. mackel9 Says:

    Tried that it actually refreshing, am months weaned from facebook, forgot how it felt like to tag be tagged and stuff like that…

  2. blogoratti Says:

    More power to you 😀
    But err come back real quick yea.

  3. benji Says:


  4. Monday Rant! #SNBreak Edition « Me I Think… Says:

    […] managed to stay off twitter and facebook for one week. Let me list some good and bad of the […]

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