Monday Rant!

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I’m thinking of starting a tradition. But am never good with those (even my written english can be oh so pathetic at times … pathetic… don think of Ian puleez!) so I won’t bother. But I have, haven’t I? Oh bear with me wont you!

Monday Blues! Most mondays are a drag for most people. Why? Lemme c how many reasons I can come up with.

  1. They had a blast over the weekend and now they’re hangied.
  2. They had a blast over the weekend and now they regret why Monday came to spoil it all.
  3. They had a nasty weekend and now they have to go to work.
  4. They had a really good weekend and woke up high spirited but then sijui some mat drama messed it all up.
  5. They had a nasty weekend then to top it all off they didn’t have power Monday morning, didn’t fua clothes, don’t have fresh clothes or underwear and woke up late! Daeng!

Basically, we go through these stuff every now and then and it doesn’t have to be Monday mornings but why the eff does it have to always happen on a Monday???

Anyway, so lemme rant some more… hence the title “Monday Rants”

Any lady out there bought them darn expensive and overly advertised Kiwi Smiling Feet? Amazing huh? NOT!! They’re pathetic! (ian what did u do to me!?) As in really!! Okay, I know the gel heel cushion will work because they just go underneath but the rest are just a rip off! Those strap thingys make ur shoe too tight, those heel liners don’t even stick… does any of their product work? Really? Am so so pissed! So so effing mad! (@gotissuez asked me to do this & there is a post there.)

My rant dismissed.

*Over & Out*


10 Responses to “Monday Rant!”

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  2. rainkenya Says:

    Good rant, i bet when one rants, it solves some stuff, kinda therapeutic.

    I guess I hate my monday because it comes when I had a nice weekend and now work comes to interrupt it!!!!!!!!!!! Arg….Keep ranting and we will read

    • Joliea Says:


      Thanks for commenting! Some rants are oh so necessary!

  3. OtienoHongo Says:

    I kind of like Mondays because I am always filled with so much optimism, looking forward to what the week has to offer. By Thursday I am tired and getting depressed but Monday…I just don’t know what the week has in store for me!!!

    • Joliea Says:


      I see your point. I also try to do the same.

  4. benji Says:

    hahahaa…..thats why theyre called “smiling feet”….not smiling faces….you get pissed but your feet grin…no?

    • Joliea Says:



  5. shikomsa Says:

    Heavily advertised is an understatement! For the longest time every time I tuned to Kiss FM Mutoko was going on and on about her red stilettos and Kiwi Smiling feet. They not good after all? Haiya!

    • Joliea Says:


      NKT!! Don’t even remind me of that!!!!

  6. mackel9 Says:

    No fresh underwear on monday? LMAO

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