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Thank God Its Furahiday!!!

Damn its been one hell of a week! Just look at the time this post was carved out!! Phew! I swear, am gonna insist on EARNING my keep! As in literally! Hooh!! Sawa. Al not rant. Anyways, the past week has been great. It is the second week since I moved from crazy Thika Rd to Ngong Rd and so far so good. 🙂 Am glad that I now pay Ksh.30 to work as I get excercise from walking from Prestige to my office (around Yaya) by force. I used to pay Ksh.80 so am saving about 50bob *yay* am an economist!

Other than that, I forever am grateful for all the good things that my Creator is doing for me 😀

On this weekend…

This weekend I think I will be going for a Cook-Out organized by the good people @FluidTees! I shall also be going to Tusker Project Fame thanks to @OfficialTPF4 who were kind enough to give me two tickets to attend the Sato show *maexcitos!!!*

I expect Sunday to be lazy lazy lazy! 😀

I soo crave…

Niiiice Milkshake…I have simple cravings 😉

I just wish…

…that we as Kenyans open up our eyes and see the bigger picture. WE are the employers of em bastard silly 222 peeps filling up spaces in Parliament. WE put them there. So its WE who are going to decide whether we wanna keep them there or not. This storo of us complaining kila mara must stop. WE should do something about it. ITS UP TO US!

Inspiration for the week…

African women in general need to know that it’s OK for them to be the way they are – to see the way they are as a strength, and to be liberated from fear and from silence.

~Wangari Maathai







*Over & Out*

3 Responses to “TGIFurahidays!”

  1. kri1987s Says:

    How dare you call yourself an economist! The best you can be in the situation you described in the first part of this post, is a miser. Otherwise if you could define demand and supply, Then you would have an idea of what an economist does, is and thinks. I know i have no wright to play teacher in a post categorized as blah blah blah. I like it. Your individuality expresses in your words. Keep the thoughts flowing as they make me think also.

  2. mackel9 Says:

    ‘WE are the employers of em bastard silly 222 peeps filling up spaces in Parliament. WE put them there’ True seriously deep Let em wait for 2012… we Delamering their positions…

  3. TGIFurahidays! « Me I Think… Says:

    […] milkshake here, this fruit smoothie from Mombasa, and Fish ya Mama Oliech. Sadly, they toad the vibandas along […]

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