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Thank God Its Furahiday!!!

Wow! *insert jeff voice with femme touch here* What a week! What a ride! What exhaustion! It doesn’t get any wilder than this I tell ya!

Haha, just teasin. Yea, am so so thankful I had a wonderful week. Finally went to #WamathaiOct!!! It was super mad fun n muenjoyos despite the fact that I sat on a couch arm half the time. Saw @Wamathai (duuh!) @Delamuziki (hosted) @Chiira (performed but didn’t see him do so) @Mwirigi (did a piece on Breast cancer awareness #Cool!) @eGichomo @Kawiria (sisto from another mathee :P) @ngeny @disaster103 … (memory failure! eek!) … @iFortknox (cool as always..) @mawazo_mengi and @ma3theband performed. #WhyLie! Those peeps wako yuu!!! Am so so buying that album! Aki! Oh.. and @sweetawa was there @potentash too 😀 (kama nimesahau mtu tafadhali nisamehe). It was a nice night. Not as packed as its been before, which means that the noise levels were down too. The guy fro KU (the funny one) sang his silly remix of like sijui ten songs and made us laugh. He was the last person I listened to. Did I say Ma3 the band are the ish? Yea! Worth a second mention! ooh ooh! And lets not forget our lovely @fivefoottall wakilishad with her band which were one of the first ones to perform… #SimplyFab!!!

And that’s my ka-review..

On this weekend…

Back to meetings. 😥 #Donask!

I just wish…

… Kenyans would stand up and take charge of their destiny. The stories of corrupt peeps being caught everyday is very encouraging and I so so wish it continues. The fight against graft begins with you and me. #YeaISaidIt!

Inspiration for the week…

Mahatma Gandhi


Have a GRAND Furahiday ma peepol!!!!


*Over & Out*


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