Making Decisions Is Tough! *duuh!*

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Yea, duuh!!

Remember when we were young we used to say “When I grow up….”. Now that we’re finally here, I WISH I’D GO BACK!

Its tough being a grown up! Imagine me, at my age and complaining about being grown up. Na vile nina miaka mob ahead! Well, its true. I so so wish I’d go back to being a kid again. No decisions, no responsibilities, no stress, no thinking about stuff, no *huge* choices… just being a kid!

But reality is contrary. I’m old now. All grown up. And making decisions. Doing things my way as I wanted – why, don’t ask!. I have tons to do every day, sometimes a day is easy sometimes its hard. We make tough decisions and choices that in the end, ALWAYS have consequences.

But sometimes you ask yourself, WHY!?!? DO I HAVE TO?!?! And then other times you scream, DAMN!! OH NO!!! SH!T

Because its gotten to that point where you know for a fact that you probably won’t like the consequences. When you were young, that ability was either ignored, discarded, or simply unknown! You’d do stuff then worry about the consequences on your mom’s lap being chapwad like a stray dog later. You’d go about life without a care in the world. It was simple. Just live. Full stop. Granted, not all of us had such a childhood where we never had to worry about nazing because we had a good life but I hope #youknowwhatimean.

Right now, all I pray for is wisdom.

Making the right decisions is TOUGHER.

*Over & Out*


2 Responses to “Making Decisions Is Tough! *duuh!*”

  1. raymondchepkwony Says:

    I for one will only believe I’m old, the day I find myself with a bottle of viagra! Before then, I choose to believe I only get wiser and the decisions I make, right or wrong… will inevitably be MY DECISIONS!

    • Joliea Says:


      Thanks friend. Thanks a lot.

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