Why The Hate?

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This weekend I was moving house. The move was a success and I am glad it went well.

Now, that’s not why I did this post using org resources. There is this one thing that came up from Friday and through the weekend.

Murugi urges Kenyans to accept gays

Special Programmes Minister Esther Murugi told participants at a national symposium on HIV/Aids in Mombasa targeting homosexuals, lesbians and sex workers that the government had no option but to address the community’s concerns. (contd…)

When I read this story (but missed the TV version) I was elated. I thought to myself, “WOW! What a bold statement coming from a Cabinet minister! She must be really brave.” I also wondered to myself if at all she had thought through her decision to say this in public and also the aftermath with (for obvious reasons) would be coming her way. I also thought of the aftermath itself. The church would be furious… fuming like a mexican bull ready to charge with bloodshot eyes. Wait, the Church? Really? Okay.

Then of course the aftermath came.

Churches want Murugi sacked over gay remarks

More than 74 churches have petitioned President Kibaki to sack Cabinet minister Esther Murugi over her last week remarks on gay rights in the country. The churches, under the aegis of the Federation of Evangelical Indigenous Christian Churches of Kenya (FEICCK) warned of street demonstrations against the Ms Murugi, the Special Programmes minister. In a statement, Dr Methu said Ms Murugi discredited her reputation and was unfit to hold public office. … “This should happen in the shortest time possible; failure to which we shall not be left with any other option other than to ask those who care about righteousness and morality to demonstrate against her, “said FEICCK chairman Bishop Dr Joseph.

And then people wrote letters saying God will destroy us and that now gays & prostitutes are ‘allowed’.

Wow. Ok let me get this straight, we shall be destroyed for accepting gays and prostitutes. Hmmm.. the new constitution allows gays and prostitutes. Ok. Unless I’m daft, isn’t sex work (yeah, that’s the correct term to use, not prostitution-its derogatiory-in a way) like the oldest profession ever? And oh.. ohh… how do you allow something that already existed? huh?

I don’t wanna write much. All I see here is HATE. And with hate like such comes DISCRIMINATION (based on one’s sexual inclination or behaviour) and Hate Motivated Violence / Hate Crimes! I am not going to talk about oh gays are like this or oh sex workers are like that, am gonna talk about this hate that is brewing and still exists within the Church.

Say NO to HATE!

Church and Hate. Those two words just don’t fit. But its exactly what we’re seeing. I wonder. Is this the way we treat “our brethren”? With so much hate? I mean, okay, its a sin. They’re sinning. But surely, as God looks down upon us and sees us condeming people, judging them and calling them “devils incarnates” what are we telling Him? That we are now at His level and can judge others? That oh, LOVE is nooothing! Lets hate on the gays and prostitutes. For the Bible tells me so. Huh!!!

Let me tell you one thing. One of the reasons why I lost faith in religion is such things. If I am to “love one another as I love myself” then surely, is this such a treatment I’d want to receive? Sinner or not? Is that how Jesus treated sinners? Didn’t he love them and embrace them? He never condemned them at all! I am just … aargh! Don’t even ask. I could go on and on.

Please note, I am not saying that gays and prostitutes are sinning or not sinning. That’s not my job. Mine is to ensure that regardless of their behaviour (if you choose to call it that) I still want to ensure that their humanity is upheld and that they’re treated with dignity. In a world of many a variety of people, the one thing that we always will be, one thing that we should always keep in mind is OUR HUMANITY. Lets not treat others as lesser humans. Its just wrong.

I have my reservations about what I feel about gays and prostitutes. But they are human and should be treated as such. Scorning them and saying that they should be burnt (coz it says so in some holy book) is plain inhuman. No one would want to be treated as such.

I shall pen off. And promise to continue another day.

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*Over & Out*

12 Responses to “Why The Hate?”

  1. Kenne Mwikya Says:

    Murugi did the right thing, regardless of what Muslim and church leaders say. These leaders use outdated rhetoric of ‘morality’ to justify their hate and religion against an innocent minority. I just hope people don’t buy into such hate and ignorance.

  2. Denis Nzioka Says:

    The Gay community in Kenya has shown support for Murugi and stand by her remarks.


  3. gracekay Says:

    i never thought i’d see the day someone would risk losing her job over voicing her opinion.

  4. Gay Nairobi Man Says:

    I wrote about this yesterday. This Minister is brave and may actually jeopardize her political career by her utterances.

    I admire her ‘balls’

  5. Alvin Says:

    This world is just sick. Sure we can’t burn Homosexuals but I just shudder to think where we are heading. It seem we are living in a world of lets-make-everything-right. Homosexuality is wrong. HIV prevalence is more in gay men than than those who are straight. If you ask me having safe sex between two men is next to impossible. Homosexuality is acquired, not something you are born with(read the City and the Pillar by Gore Vidal). Esther was wrong. We can’t make everything right. Okay as a parent would you allow teenage sex if it was safe and consensual? We just can’t allow this thing to spread. I don’t care if you think am archaic.

    • Joliea Says:


      I understand where you’re coming from. But the question here is not whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong. Its about their basic rights as human beings. And one of the major rights is access to healthcare. I disagree with your claim that “having safe sex between two men is next to impossible” because that is why condoms and lube exist. The basic idea is that we cannot tell people what to do or what not to do, but we can ensure that whatever they do (or don’t do) is done safely and healthily. That’s what human rights is all about. Its about taking care of the human’s basic needs. Regardless of what we feel about what they’re doing, they will still remain to be human. About “this thing spreading”, well, as I said, we cannot tell people what to do/not to do. History has shown us that they existed before and they exist now. So that’s something we have no control of. Lets be realistic. This is what Ms. Murugi was saying, we cannot continue burying our heads in the sand. They are there and we need to do something about it.

  6. HaMob and the year 2011 « HaMob Says:

    […] Barbra Jolie: especially for being self, and touching on gay […]

  7. AkelLove Says:

    Yeah,Alvin,you’re archaic,and you are those people who burn people at the stake due to lack of understanding. Your kind were the reason behind the Dark Ages and the ignorance that drove the Crusades. Religion? Love one another? Uh huh. Mere words to you. You keep living in the dark,but one day,the people with the light might just be the majority. See how YOU like being persecuted for your beliefs and choices. SMH.

    I don’t care whether homosexuality is right or wrong. I care about whether they will be denied medical care when they walk into hospitals on that narrow-minded bases. It is not ours to condemn.


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