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Thank God Its Furahiday!!!

WOW! What a week! Its been good. Remember me bitching about not being good enough (or something close to that…) well… things are great! Ain’t I happy! #ThanksbetoGod!

On this weekend…

I'm moving!!!

I just wish…

… my plans for the future shape up. I’ve got tons planned. Am just hoping they all come to pass. HE has been good to me, and He’s never failed me. I’m glad I believe in HIM. I just cant see myself not believing! There are tons of reasons why I still believe despite finding myself question so many things people say about Him, to Him, against Him… etc. I just can’t.

Inspiration for the week…

Have a SUPER FRAGALISTIC Furahiday ma peepol!!!!

*Over & Out*


2 Responses to “TGIFurahidays!”

  1. gracekay Says:

    hey jolie!! happy moving to you. it’s a tonne of work but it feels good when you’re all settled in 🙂

    • Joliea Says:


      Can’t wait!! Thanks for the wishes n for stoppin bye 🙂

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