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Thank God Its Furahiday!!!

Today I’m feeling…

Am easy. Just fine. Nothing much. Is that good? Just to be easy? Fine? No. I need excitement in my life! I still haven’t gotten drunk zile za I’m actually falling over! Am yet to see that happen! so… fine for now.

On this weekend…

There is a thingy am attending on sato afternoon. I have to be at the salon in the morning 😦 imagine.. am doing a shoot over so for continuity purposes I need to rudisha the same hairstyle I had then. Huh! Is filming for me? Lets wait and see. Then sunday I need to also attend another meeting. Hopefully some needed spring cleaning shall be done before that. (I just gave y’all my weekend itinerary!!! haiya!!)

I just wish…

…people would be people. I mean, no hate, no being judgemental, tolerance, and most of all love! Why is it that every day we hear of so and so killed their wife and kids, so and so raped their 2year old daughter, so and so committed suicide? Is there a way to curbe all this? Couldn’t we just be? Just be?

Inspiration for the week…

Have a FANTABULOUS Furahiday y’all!!!!

*Over & Out*

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