My Mombasa Trip!

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I got some inspiration to FINALLY do this looong awaited post! >>My Trip To┬áMombasa. Yeah yeah.. I know I’ve stayed loooooong before writing it but I thought I should just do it so I don’t feel bad. Mind you, am as busy as ever here and I just feel bad (sometimes) when I do a post and I know just how much work I’ve to do… sigh!

Old Town Mombasa

I went with my friend to Mombasa. Lemme call him BYH. So I and BYH got our way into Ocean Bus. The ride was cosy, I loved the seats. He didn’t. According to him, the bus was crowdy. The seats were too close together. I on the other hand actually thought that that way, there was more seat space for everyone. Anyway… we arrived in Mombasa the morning of Friday 27th August, AKA, Promulgation Day! Clearly, no promulgation was to be promulgated that day!

The hse we were staying in at Diani Beachalets

We went straight to book ourselves a ticket back to Nairobi so that we could not miss out. We went to Horizon (his fave) booked. Mash, booked. Aish! Finally we landed on Mordern Coast and voila! A ticket was found. We booked for the 12pm bus and left. Coincidentally, the reason why many buses were booked is because that weekend was picked as a getaway weekend by many a Nairobian!

We went and boarded the ferry to southern side of Mombasa. Don’t even ask me for names because I simply cannot remember! All I know is that that was the southern side. And we were headed for Diani! That trip from the ferry area to Diani was like a trip from Nairobi town to Thika! I swear! There were places we passed that seemed like we were not anywhere near civilization! #Whylie!

Mombasa's famed old n rusty ferry!

Diani Beachalets' view of the Ocean "magnificent!"

Did I mention how beautiful Diani Beach is? We were staying at a nice place near the edge of the beach called Diani Beachalets. That place is so nice. They are simple cottages made to suit your needs.

Isn't that beach amazing?

The beach was amazing! Gosh! I just cant believe that I was only gonna stay for a while!

We slept for a few hours and woke up in the evening. We decided to visit a bar or joint and we landed on a place called Ushago! Ushago imagine! The place was nice. Big and not crowded at all. We had some choma that was out of this world! It was steak choma and I simply cannot describe the taste! Waah!

Saturday saw us head to Mombasa Old town for a visit. Because of the distance from Diani to town, we arrived there at around midday. And of course we were not disappointed. Beautiful scenery all over. I made sure I bought some sandlas… which made me wonder if they were just gongaing us on the price considering there were similar sandals in town… but did I care? I also got myself some jewellery. Am a jewellery freak!

"Mombasa Old Town"

After we left the old town, visited the old port, took loads of pics… we went to town and indulged in some biriyani and that nice sweet fruit cocktail! By then it was late and we had to get back.

In Diani, I went and changed and then we headed to the famous Forty Thieves Beach Club! That place gets really packed. And (no offense) them beach boys n gals were all over! But the most beautiful part of it all was that it was a beach club! Half the area was submerged in sand and it was right at the beach! We ran across it at night, drank cocktails and made merry…got drunk in the process LOL! But am yet to get really really drunk. That’s for another day though.

How 'old' is Mombasa Old Town?!

Sunday we were coming back ­čśŽ I was sad. But also happy. Did I mention how humid the air is in Mombasa? Its like its stuck! Immovable. And hot! I was practically in sleeveless the whole time! Not what am used to! The only thing we did that morning was go play in the beach and sea. BYH swam. I didn’t. I don’t swim. But this was when I took that amazing jump and he managed to capture it! Oh I was so so happy!

Which reminds me… I have a beef with┬áModern┬áCoast! They gave us a crappy bus with (sic) leather seats that wouldn’t retract backwards, were not even spacious! I felt like i was in a (sic) pimpled Citi Hoppa! Couldn’t even compare to Ocean! And mind you we paid 700bob for Ocean and 1K for┬áModern! I was so pissed! It didnt even help ati them giving us peanuts, water and a pack of juice for the trip! I was still pissed and I highly doubt am ever ever gonna use them again!


That was my trip to Mombasa. Cant wait to go there again. I promised my friends I would and it will and shall happen!

*Over & Out*

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