Masaa Ya SMS = My A**!!!

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Its a Monday so bear with me. Am sorta kinda off… off.. as in… off! DADT!


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Masaa ya what?? Safaricom are you effing me?? as in seriously?? hakina kitu ingine you would have thought of?? kwani you think apart from calling peeps at 2bob a minute we can now drop that and start flooding them with texts?? ONE HUNDRED OF THEM?? as in okay am not pissed. No don’t get me wrong … this is just a constructive rant and yes it will look like am pissed just get passed that…am not. No seriously! So…. my rant??? as in honestly one hundred smses sio mob?? fine, av benefitted from the 20 for ten bob one but its just overwhelming! Know what I did when I got tired of it?? I SWITCHED!!! all my smses now are strictly ZAIN!! eeh!! shida zenyu na hizo ma sms zenyu mscheeew!! puh!! and honestly I SWEAR if 23rd comes and there’s nazing……..mangai me nahama!!! eeh! Av said it… na nimecomplain kama an ardent user of the 8bob per 10MB service which BY THE WAY…. pia hiyo inamashida…nawadays you send me texts sijui ngapi per day !! nkt then deducting deducting my credo for nazin….as in … have NO IDEA how MAD I am right now!!!!!



p.s. Safaricom… 23rd is D-Day. Am waiting.

Zain, can you guys shape up n get ur darn 3G licence already!! Am itchin to move here!!!

*Over & Out*

18 Responses to “Masaa Ya SMS = My A**!!!”

  1. coloseum Says:

    all i read was “mangai” hahaha..

    it sucks walking around with two phones – bulgy pockets and double the risk of loss, but i made the decision two years ago. the amount of mad i was going through woulda killed me..

    lets wait for 23rd and see what the living MJ comes up with. zain should ambush them with another offer on the 22nd.

  2. coloseum Says:

    sasa nini, ok….here is my second attempt at a comment “woiyyeeeee”..

  3. greatrnk Says:

    I am also waiting for the 23rd and if Safcom do not have something for us, I am gone. And they should stop jamming my inbox at the rate of 5 smses per hour telling me they have awarded me this and that my subscription has done what not. I do not like being reminded they have deducted money for a subscription, its better they do it in private.

  4. Raymond Says:

    They shouldnt have gotten you so pissed! I was wondering what it’d take for me to use up all 100 texts… I figure a bash,an idle me and strong thumbs! What are they thinking anyway??? I’ve ranted about these guys so much, I’m DONE with them!

  5. nickae Says:

    the only thng thats kipin me on safcon z their 3G speed.nt evn mpesa anymo.kuna yucash. And the pepea thng 4 8bob went berserk,unsubscribed me,tuk arnd 100mb plus my cred.nw i load 5bob jst 2 browse. PERIOD!! Dnt mention masaa ya sms cz its a f***n insult!!

  6. admblind Says:

    my text just came in. Joliea whats your number i’ve got a hundred free texts

  7. Ben Says:

    Mangai! Lol! I feel u sister!

  8. Maina Says:

    Haturudi nyuma kamwe. I just ignore what I rarely use. Any offers on calls and SMS’ are not for me. As long as their Internet behaves, am in my heaven and content with staying there.

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