Hmmm…. I wonder…

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Mornings like these are not good. I hate them with a passion. I feel awful. Runny nose, slight headache, droopy, and plain tired-ish! Damn! #FML! Anyway, so when I feel like this and that mood to err… earn my keep goes peeeeeeeewwww…….DUF! DOWN THE DRAIN then at least I can just write to relax….and do some tweetin….fbing….blogwhoring…commenting on peeps blogs…etc…stuff like that. It helps me relax….and maybe recover my mood in the way.

Just a picture...not at all related.

Have you all noticed that Ibiza, the one next to Nation Centre on Kimathi Street is now City Star Restaurant? And it seems to be owned by Somalis (or the like)? Have you all noticed that Seasons, the one behind I&M Towers/Building/House on Banda Street … opposite Post Bank, is now Rayan Restaurant? And it ALSO seems to be owned by Somalis (or the like)? Then, have you noticed that Friday’s, the one opposite Kenindia House on Loita Street, is no more? Could it be that IT TOO has been nyakuliwad by the same Somalis (or the like)?

Hmm… is it just me or is there something fishy going on? Granted, I have no problem with foreign investors and also the conversion of such restaurant to religious-related ones, but… am just curious. I was at City Star the other day and I ain’t judging but it looked pretty Muslim to me. Again, #NoH8 and #NoJudging… just something I noticed. Quite interesting. If anything, let them go ahead n buy all of em! I just wonder if I as not being Muslim will be able to like it…considering the rules enforced there…#justathought.

I shall stress this, I have nothing against our muslim brethren. This is just something I noticed and found interesting. The kind of stuff that make me go “hmmmmmm………”.

Food for thought I guess.

*Over & Out*

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