#WamathaiEx: How It Went Down

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On Thursday the 5th of August 2010 Wamathai.com hosted yet another Spoken Word event dubbed “Wamathai Exclusive” and with the hash tag #WamathaiEx on twitter lovingly coined by yours truly! This time the event promised to be awash with new stuff, new changes, new improvements and definitely a bigger and better experience.

The Poster

I for one was not to be left out (duuh!) so I poxed myself into the yelling and shouting of the “Extra extra, read all about it…” kind of advertising for the exclusive event hehe..#donthateme! I couldn’t miss it ata kidogo knowing how much I love poetry (which isn’t thaaat much buuut…back to the point)!

The event began at 7 as planned but only with some ngomaz to help people come in pole pole (like their feet were the ones carrying the wallet) and buy some drinks as they settle down into the lovely white couches of Secrets Lounge. Which reminds me, si that place can make you go blind? With the right lighting #youdontwannaknow!

What was different this time? Well since the organisers chose to sell only 100 tickets, which I think was a good idea considering how the last one was, it was not crowded for one. Two, it was less noisy. Well, not so much. Peeps still couldnt shut their traps! Me included! And I just wonder why. I mean its a friggin poetry event for crying out loud (more like shouting off the top of my head for y’all to hear me as you yapper yapper off with drinks in hand!)!!

Perfomances began like an hour later (around 8) with curtains raised by Lele, a band I hadn’t heard of. They were really nice (if only I could hear them fully!) and I liked them. Next came the poets. Akina WanjeriWanjiku and Anyiko were amazing. Jemedari cracked us up but “Man Like Njoro” aka Kevin. I tells ya si that dude can do serious poetry! Kwanza in anaa ka accent aki! Lastly was this guy from KU who cracked us all up fo real! We were LOLing and RMAOing (<–kyuk version! Of LMAO!) like nqwessey! Believe you me (yes! Am Kenyan!) kama ulihata then don diss me!

Dela was the emcee of the event and kama kawaida she didn’t fail to impress. It was (sort of) flawless from the get go mpaka mwisho. I liked it kabisa.

Here are some of the pics taken at the event and appearing on Rumbaa.com

Dela the Host

@Antoneosoul feeling one of his songs!!

Skiza the band

Wamathai and Tommy Clima (Secrets) with guests

I can’t wait for the next, and the next, and the next…till it grows on yuh! And on that note, I sure hope that this develops into a great culture of sharing art of all forms and also a way of bringing together people from all walks of life with one goal in mind: art! And more specifically, poetry, spoken word, short stories: Wamathai.com!

*Over & Out*

One Response to “#WamathaiEx: How It Went Down”

  1. ORATO KEVIN Says:

    Won’t miss the next one. Funny summary there!

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