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Thank God Its Furahiday!

I am excited about…

YESTERDAY ROCKED!!! Ok noooot that much. Wamathai Exclusive was a blast! Fewer peeps, still kinda noisy, wondered why, enjoyed the music, the poetry was outta this world, kudos to “Man like Njoro” (or what was it?) I laughed mpaka am so sure @Amasy could see my last tooth :D. Then there was this dude from KU (can’t remember the name) who also cracked us up with his remix of several songs! I think he did like ten songs in one all stringed together in a very very funny way! Haha…am rubbing it in for all who missed it (hate me! :D)

That was jana. Super cool. Now I think the next event would be 31st August at Club Soundd.

Today I’m feeling…

Lazy Lazy. As in this #KenyaDecides and #KenyaDecided mood. Tis great me thinks. And we should all celebrate in our own ways. We have come a long way and me thinks we made the right decision. Its now for us to come together (and become watermelons!) and make a difference. Make it work. Make the new Kenya 2.0 work for us!

On this weekend…

I’m attending a party of a friend, I have work to do, (imagine!!) and then REST! Some well deserved…

West n wewaxation at wast!!!

I am soo craving…

Big big big Burger!! πŸ˜€

Inspiration of the week

by Jimmi Hendrix on

Have a blessed weekend y’all

*Over & Out*


2 Responses to “TGIFurahidays!”

  1. kiokoken Says:

    “Man like Njoro” would tk the poet for the evening!!

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