Me As A Teenager

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WOW! Seems Kawi has been inspiring me a lot these days eh? Now, the only thing challenging is that she’s been rolling out posts like a bakery and by God am so jealous! No, I ain’t crossing that! And so here’s my version of this. A walk through some of my teenage years. Too bad it won’t be a long read.

Barbra Jolie was born some twenty something years ago. She joined high school around ten years ago. That was when her true self began to blossom. That was the defining moment. But she was still very young and naïve. Still loved life and God. Things were about to change for her.

In all honesty, high school isn’t something I always like remembering. I had some challenging years that for one reason or the other, cant mention here…at least not now. But I did have some good memories…and those are the ones that I love going back to.

The First Days

If there is one thing one cannot forget from high school is their first days. The fears, the stares, the chill-down-your-spines, the stares-again! As in, it was kind of scary. I myself wasn’t too scared. I had just come out of a boarding school for five years and therefore didn’t have that deep bad ugly homesick feeling that other chix had! I was easy. I mean some even wetted their beds that night, others ran away…i mean, it was funny. Something else I loved about my first days and first year was that I had friends in fourth form. They where chix we were in the same primary school with and knew each other well. So at least I was somewhat shielded from the bullies. Yes, there were bullies!

The Outings & Innings

This mush be the fondest of memories from high school for most of us. The outings and innings were like the only things keeping us going…stopping us from collapsing due to mental-case syndromes…our only hope to sanity!

The boys! Oh the boys! All the preparation that went into preparing to either go for an outing or be part of an inning was simply amazing. Peeps would churn out from underneath their clothe hampers…err…metal-boxes…some ‘gucci’ ‘vercace’ like clothing…well to them it was….the sunday best…or should we say the “gimme-the-hottest-dude-in-sight” uniform? Tu-skirts were shortened to nothingness, borm-ones would be forced to exchange unis for theirs since theirs were new and neatly creased, plus they were smaller so the mini-look would come of pretty well LOL! #Themdays! Then when you finally get lucky and be “hanywad” by the hot dude all ur galpals been eyeing and winking at without looking like you’re winking you blush like crazy while drawing maps of the world on the ground much to your dismay because you know how silly it looks and how obvious it makes you…ahem!

I am an actress. I did acting, solo verses, chorals, solo singing, choirs, … the only thing I never got involved in was Swahili stuff! I never liked Swahili. Ata leo! And am not forgetting #SwaWed hehe. I loved it a lot. I loved it so much they made me Drama chair!

Back then I was a mad seriously doped crackhead avid major overtly drowned Jesus Freak! As in I was ndani ndani kabisa…ile mbaya..(that sounds wrong eh?)! And I wasn’t ashamed of it. Within days of joining high school and joining CU, I was off to a Weekend Challenge! I was later to be named the music co-ordinator of the CU as from third form to fourth.:) oh them days! I remember washing clothes outside the CU office whilst listening to peeps like “Six Pence None The Richer”, “SwitchFoot”, “Plus One”, and anna one by some fisherman ppl (just cant rememba the name!). #PureBliss!

The Flings

I shall complete this post by this last one. I had flings in highschool. I wonder if I was the only one. As in, mostly during holidays, outings and innings, I was quite a badass! We’d make out with dudes in all weird places…some unmentionables! So…for that, let your mind do the wandering and wondering hehe!

In a nutshell, that was a sneak peek at my high school years. p.s. Thought it would be short…guess I was wrong! 😀

*Over and Out*

4 Responses to “Me As A Teenager”

  1. coloseum Says: always, imma leave a comment, first kawi is indeed churning them out FAST and furious..

    and who used bully ladies? really!! fetching water and washing clothes is what we considered “getting off easy” in my time..

    and i so feel you on the innings and outings..we would go as far as taking the form ones new shoes – just to impress..

    nice stuff…..

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  3. Kawiria Says:

    Hey sizz…hehe good stuff.

    “I was a mad seriously doped crack-head avid major overtly drowned Jesus Freak” *DEAD* but that’s really good, just that Challenge weekend used to freak the hell out of me, sijui chasing deamons and people talking in tongues…ai! I attended once in form one and never again, I conveniently used to be sick, then I would go home…lol *allergies*

    On the flings..hehe clearly you aint alone…tuko wengi. every term different fling, boy crazy the end.

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