Who Likes Mondays?

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Quite a way to start a Monday eh?..

I hate complaining. Much like I hate arguing, pretenders, hypocrites, sycophants and other crazies. But sometimes complaining helps. Not on this one though, there is virtually nothing I can do about it.

My sitting position. I hate it. I hate it because its wide open to prying eyes. Now now, before anyone reprimands me for some “holier-than-thou” comments about bla bla bla, lemme give you my effing rant!

I sit at the corridor. Well, not quite the corridor, but its somewhat the same. I sit at a place where my comp screen faces the main corridor of the office. Now. Seated at my desk, people pass behind me. The door directly to my right leads to one boss. The door directly to my back-left is the exec’s office. The door right behind me is to my finance boss and then the door to my back-right is my direct bosses office! Now, picture this.

Every time each one of them come out of their offices, one of the first things they set their eyes on is my back, then most probably my comp screen. I am a multitasker. I have sijui how many tabs on both my browsers, and they include work-related stuff, I have other files and docs open too so…my tabs hapo chini are many. So if someone happens to pass and most of the time they find me on sijui facebook ama seesmic (which am sure they’re still tryna figure out what the hell it is I do there all the time!) and think “huyu anafanyanga kazi saa ngapi?” and a small part of that is the cause of this…but am not complaining.

You know what? Am tired of complaining. I shall say like what my friend said here, I don’t care. I shall do me. I shall be me. I shall do my best to complete tasks as required while do what I like doing. They have put no restrictions to browsing, personal blogs and to them, the freedom and open space is important for employees to show enthusiasm and zeal towards their work and also to show maturity in ensuring that while such amenities are available, it doesn’t stop them from performing; if anything, it should compliment, if not inspire.

And am done ranting for leo.

*Over and Out*

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8 Responses to “Who Likes Mondays?”

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  2. Kawi Says:

    I think I should also rant and rave on post…then I shut it…lol coz the number of times i’m complaining..shiiish.
    Have a lovely day sizz 🙂

    • Joliea Says:

      @Kawi, sure. do one….then lock it…i did one before just to b frustrated. then lockd it so no one sends me any ‘woishe woishe’s hehe..

  3. Sleek Says:

    First off, i love the new theme. I’m a blue lover. a lover of blue. blue lover. lover of blues. except the movies.

  4. sk8rrboi Says:

    Now that’s how one starts a Monday. By getting stuff off their chests.

  5. kw Says:

    with how i like you tube i wud b fired sitting in that position..!av been mia and now am going hiatus for some not that short tym..i will miss reading and commenting here you have no idea how:( aki seriously if i wud carry internet with me i wud burr un4tunately..till then..keep writing i will have loads of posts to read once am back..cheers.

    • Joliea Says:

      @kw, madea, u have no idea! sometimes i wish i could crouch over my laptop just to avoid prying eyes!! bur then they’ll know! 😥 Anyhoo, si u try get a internet enabled fon n download snaptu. tis gud for readin blogs. also operamini can allow u to even comment! u shd try it.

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