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addiction. cant fight it. dunno why donno how it just comes. its so annoying effing annoying. no wonder i say dont ask. DADT dont ask dont tell. no not that us thingy they have going on just my vomit of nonsense on this keyboard.

nina kazi. job. mob sana. but ebu ona kile nafanya saa hii.. kiwabore na upuzi…reminds me of that ad….

muache ushenzi……..mufanye uungwana…..

am nuts! when did i ever begin this? kweli? seriously? chaukweloh! na wacha nicomplain kidogo. am not getting votes! mschew…siringi…nafeel vibaya tu…..kidogo tu….naskia kajelooh! eeh ebu kwanza click here

click here and vote!! eeh vote for me for moi…ME I THINK nimewekwa hapo kwa “Action”….kwani umesoma hii ya nini? ppshh!

imagine dont hate me. am nice. am the nicest person ul ever meet. maybe kinda insane….as in kwani hujasoma? haha! halafu kama nimeweka strikethrough na haijatokea shida yako! nyinyi wordpress al sue ya a&#@#$ kabisa! am gonna sue. eeh. hiyo sijaweka

basicallly this is a boring crazy silly stupid way of wasting time for someone being paid effing shillings to use some bongolala and make the company some chumsr…eerrm….organisation some.,..err..what do we do again???

I am smarter than this!

na sasa ukitaka kuona photo credit angalia hapo down usome…eh…

byes byes


14 Responses to “Cha-Ukweli!”

  1. Joliea Says:

    imagine niliweka strikethrough na hawataki kuweka! kwani??

  2. ben Says:

    Haiya you’ve finally snapped?

  3. Tweets that mention Cha-Ukweli! « Me I Think… -- Says:

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  4. sk8rrboi Says:

    I think i’m nuts. Or maybe its this post. I’m not very sure

  5. sk8rrboi Says:

    yep. but you are very close to the edge. Don’t push it. It being you

  6. kw Says:

    aki cha ukwelo watu wako na compe hiyo place lakini me am still voting for i made the 20th vote–in a cyber, aki.and am still yua chief campaigner usini demote..lolz. i wish i worked in times towers, then ad go lyk can i use yua comp 4a sec..then i vote 4u in evry freaking comp in ol those offices and voila!

    • Joliea Says:

      @kw, hahaha!! enyewe that would work! and no, am not demoting u at all!! kabisa kabisa! and enyee compee jo safi…just glad i am thea…traffic kibao…hopefully watu watafungua mind zao! thats my aim

  7. coloseum Says:

    ..daddy, me i think Joliea gon crazy!!!

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