TGIF!!!! Thank God Its Furahiday!

I completely forgot how this posts are done….hmm………so lemme go straight ahead to Nkirdizzle’s blog …. aah. i see. now here goes.

Special Dedz…

To Nkirdizzle for starting this trend and to Kawiria for kuendeleshaing on her blog. Am glad to join in 😀

I find it weird that…

The weather nowadays in Nairobi is so damn sporadic! Gosh I know its cold season n all but enyee kwani wats up? Eish bana!

I am excited about…

Several things. I am finishing my book (finally!!) and that makes me happy because then I get to begin on another one! I’m having a meeting with a certain guy about a certain project (trying to give suspense here! work with me!) and that too am excited about.

Today I feel like…

Photo Credit

Having a few drinks and dance like crazy!!!! #Truestory! 😀

This weekend I will…

Basically work work WORK!! Imagine! And hopefully lala the whole damn day Sunday 🙂 But at least what I shall be doing kesho will not be done kila siku 🙂 OH! And make sure I get some good Angelina Jolie movies. Has Salt tokad yet? Can’t wait! Lord knows I love ha!! Hihi

I’ve been listening to…

A lot of Alicia Keys!!! Gosh! Si I love this woman!! I love Karma, I like Teenage Love Affair…as to Sasha Fierce she is probably my no.1!

I am Craving for…

Gatho! Don’ even ask! I want a big Ice Cream Cone!! *sigh* Kama isingekuwa hii baridi ya upuzi…ningali….err.. end of swahili capacity!


Next week will be…

Busier than ever! Just started a new project at work and thus lots of implementation implementation implementation!! But am cool. Remember me ranting about being stupidly inefficient? Well, am glad that that I sorted out tenee! Am so proud of me 😀 *applause*!

My Advice for the day is…

This might sound weird coming from me…considering my stand nowadays is very against religion, not God.

Fruits of the Spirit

Amazingly, In my daily life, these play a whole deal! You should try them. They’re too yummy!!

Have a Splendiful Weekend Y’all!

6 Responses to “TGIFurahidays!”

  1. Kennemwikya Says:

    Hahaha. Love this one. Is anyone allowed to be in such a good mood during such a frigid season??
    Have a great friday!

  2. kw Says:

    Hee…okey i will give yua advice a shot, including having joy n singing a song… lmao on the tgif pic:D. …wait is this the same girl? 😀 have a blast.

  3. Joliea Says:

    Haha @kw! Yep sure its me! 😀

  4. Kawi Says:

    Cool Banana’s 🙂 Today me is feeling like you, I wanna paarrrtttyyyyy!!!
    Woi pole about the stack of work, when it isha’s you can hala and go eat the ice cream and my pizza…lol

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