My Wish List

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There are a coupla things I really wanna acquire! and I thought I could just list them here so I have a constant reminder to keep working hard to acquire them! mind you, this is just a short-term list so I expect to have these things in a year or so!

1. Microwave

I have been craving for a microwave for way too long! I think its time I got myself one! And yes, Sina!

LG Microwave...oh!(p.c. linked)

2. Phone

Imagine my baby “Microwave” is getting old! Na its only been 6 months. She turned 7 months jana *sigh* and she has begun misbehaving already. Now I need a replacement! SMH! Sina means :(. Lemme put a pic of one am eyeing… (Come to think of it…I have to be veeeery careful this doesn’t come back! WOi!)

Mmmh...Nokia 7230. (p.c. linked)

3. Laptop

Hopefully, I will have this one by the end of the year. And moreso am hoping it wont be me buying it! The need! Oh the need! Kazi iko mingi joh! Now, I don’t really know which one to get but I hear this one’s tha ish! Though I probably won’t get it coz its damn expensive!

Dell XPS 1530! Whoa! (p.c. linked)

4. Couch

Okay, I do have a couch in my house but its an old heirloom and I’d really want to have a new, cozy, sexy, wanna-have-sex-on, beauty in my living room! Who doesn’t. My design looks kinda like this one.

Oh how lovely! (pc: linked)

5. 32″ Plasma TV

I saw several of these being displayed in supermarkets and Electronic shops and I really started thinking about getting one. Why? Because for the longest time plasma (or LCD if you like) TVs have been out of the reach of many a Kenyan’s pocket. I mean, the price for a 32″ one was kedo 40K ama? Now I see one being displayed at a going price of 26K!? I was like I must panga to get that! Aki! Currently I have a 14″ which I am proud of. The plasma I saw looked something like this.

🙂 Aaw if only... (pc: linked)

7. Music System

In all honesty, I have NO radio! None whatsoever! The one I have doesn’t qualify! And enuff said.

8. 6 by 6 Bed

I have a nice bed. Can’t complain! (Thanks Mommy!) So this one can come later. But who wouldn’t wanna sleep like this? >> Will be better if my (future) king brings me this ‘king’ LOL!

Actually mine's a smaller version of this! But the look! My! (pc: linked)

9. Duvet

I will get one EXACTLY like the one above :P!! Before my king comes! hehe..

And Last but not least……..drumroll………

10. CAR!!

Javving is sooo nice! NOT!!!! I am pretty sure if we all had our way we’d teleport to wherever we wanted to go. But since this aint the year 3010, we make do. For a start, I am looking at a teeny tiny car like i love a vitz a Toyota Duet or my new-found love…

I want I want I want!!! Toyota IST! (pc:

There you have it.

Wish me luck! 😀



9 Responses to “My Wish List”

  1. Nancie Says:

    Am already coveting that bed and car… I also don’t own a radio, haiya!! Anyhu I hope you get all th stuff this wishlist!!

    • Joliea Says:

      @nancie, Yea I rily rily hope so! @Otieno, True 😀

  2. OtienoHongo Says:

    Wow, what a list!!!

  3. kw Says:

    ..and who will be buying the laptop?btw, i also have the same list, minus the microwave-i wud never use it:-) kumbe tuko wengi?
    All the best.

    • Joliea Says:

      @kw, tuko wengi indeed! the lappy ntatafuta mtu hehe..

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  5. Kawi Says:

    Whoooa that bed #YUMM I also want…this is a brilliant idea, making a wish list.
    Ever experienced this, you don’t have money and your know the things that you want, then all over sudden you have money and you just don’t know what it is you wanted, and spend it on the most irrelevant things…then when you get broke you’re like you dint even get what you wanted….

    I also want a car, hizi story za matatu, not amusing at all…am always at logger-heads with the conductors.

    xoxo babe!

    • Joliea Says:

      @Kawi, I KNOOOOOOW!! Thats happened to me so many times and I think the only time i did the sensible thing is when I got a raise and bought maself a color TV. Nilikua na blakie ingine apo wacha tu! Bur I can pin that to my TV #Addiction Hehe!! Oh and I forced a mental pic of that bed lest i forget! 😀

      Toodles swits!

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