Me Sing At A Karaoke? UGKMO!


This is my first time using Its supposed to help bloggers beat writers-block by asking you random questions which you answer and they get posted as blog posts. Kinda cool eh?

Well, let me see how this one goes.

So the question I picked is about me singing my fave songs at a karaoke bar. Hmmm…..I aint much of a singer but well, these are three ladies I absolutely love (Apart from AJolie…don’t even get me started!) and I would almost immediately jump into singing their songs. Of course I do consider that I have quite a deep voice than average and that can be a disadvantage and therefore I say, “We aint all the same!” Ama?

There you have it. Three songs I’d sing in a karaoke bar. My numero uno being Alicia Keys. Damn she gats talent! Second up is Beyonce…I must be knowing the lyrics to half her songs!!!! And last but not least Riri my gurl! She be young bur she be gone bad nowadays…sporting a reddy hair on top area while the rest of her head is clean shaven! SMH!

Love U guys! 😀

Karma by Alicia Keys


11 Responses to “Me Sing At A Karaoke? UGKMO!”

  1. cdohnio Says:

    I’d love to see you do karaoke see I get an invite the next time you do?

  2. boyfulani. Says:

    Would sure close my eyes and listen to you words, er, voice 🙂

  3. kw Says:

    me thinks this is very cool!…i wish there were questions lyk why our mps salo is always skyrocketing,dont yu think? as 4 karaoke invite me too, mayb then i will know the heads n tails of this karaoke thingy,duh,am a kenyan!:-)

    • Joliea Says:

      @kw, yea! I decided to stay away from the topic because id end up frothing in anger NKT!! Useless MPigs! Aki thats Y am voting YES!!

      Thanks for commenting. Yep, karaoke ntatafuta. Hopes u follow me on twirra!

  4. blogoratti Says:

    Karaoke uhn…well that might turn out good.

  5. uaz truly Says:

    4 pikn alicia i award u bst blogr f tha year(applause)

  6. Singing Machine Karaoke Says:

    Try karaoke sometime, you might like it! Or LOVE it! haha

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