Pressure Pressure Pressure!

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I wish I was made of stone.

That should be the title of today’s post. Because I really feel like it would be better if I was made of stone. Or brick perhaps. That I would be unbreakable. Unshakeable even. Strength notwithstanding. Somehow even the words that come out of my mind and are written here have that mellowness that I so wish sometimes didn’t exist.

Do you, my ardent and beloved readers, sometimes read my stuff and think, “hey, she really does write weirdly you know…” or something like that? Because even as I write this, I actually think that. And believe me, I am a spontaneous writer. I rarely plan ahead, I think it and I write it. Hence the title of my blog. Which by the way I might add, could have disappeared if it wasn’t for @cdohnio‘s coaxing! LOL!

Back to the point now. At this moment, at this very moment, I simply wish I knew it all. I wish I could handle it all. With a click of a button, or a snap of my fingers. I have so much to do, so little time. But even as I play that phrase in my mind I realise how wrong it is. We all have the same time. Basically, the time is as is. Never changing. Cant go back. But its up to us to determine how we spend it. Whether we are going to be consumed by distractions, or our little addictions that we believe have gone away only to realise later that we replaced them with others…whether we are going to fix our minds to focus on that which is more important. As in, there is so much to consider mpaka at times, I think, we spend a whole deal considering it all, rather than doing it.

Wait just a minute…did all that make any sense?


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Anyhoo, I simply hope, and pray, that even when my mind wanders and makes mistakes on my behalf (LOL! Saa ni nini hiyo?) that the mistakes made make sense…somehow.(SMH!) and that my delusions make strides in my life. (SMHS!!).

Lets see. I shall not succumb to it. Rather…i will let it flow. Let it go. Let it be. As it has always been. Make improvements. Be me. Improve me. Make do. You know, be the best that I can be.

p.s. I know a lot of what I have written may or may not make any sense, but it makes perfect sense to me. Now the question you may want to ask yourself is… is your perfect sense my perfect sense?


14 Responses to “Pressure Pressure Pressure!”

  1. cdohnio Says:

    HEHEHE! Nice post! I’m sure you’ll be okay. And if you need support you know how to reach me!

    • Joliea Says:

      @Cdohnio, Sure. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Ben Says:

    Okay okay I get it……not really,I know the message is in there somewhere but I can’t get it right now so al read it in the morning coz am sharp like a nonesense then….and I missed seeing your beautiful self today at Geothe 😦 left too early 😦 😦

    • Joliea Says:

      @Ben, LOL! Sawasawa. At least there is hope in seeing you for the Spoken Word thing kesho (30th) eh?

  3. kw Says:

    Aww. i had to read this post 3 times.. like how i read shakespeare’s work to shika what the dude is saying..*Sigh* well, my perfect sense is not your perfect sense:-)
    Waar! me i wish i was a grenade,God!i need the xplosion so bad ryt now.Bad mojo:-(

    • Joliea Says:

      @kw, Imagine when I wrote the whole thing I was like…”eh…ni nini hiyo tena?” SMH!!

  4. kw Says:

    Fooking hilarious!shaking your head?jeez,am
    You see, thats why i love your blog joliea,the aahs and the oohs >love it,every single fullstop and comma.

    • Joliea Says:


      Oooh!! *Major-Blush* Gosh am so flattered! 😀

      Thank you thank you ever so much…for everything 🙂 and for reading…and especially for being a BIG FOLLOWER!!

  5. kadinyaa Says:

    Ok. Nimetoa password. Soma.

    • Joliea Says:

      @kadinya, hehe, sawa.

  6. Wyndago Says:

    Lets just say that your perfect sense is my perfect sense 🙂

    • Joliea Says:

      @Wyndago, 🙂 GOOD STUFF!! 😀

  7. wamathai Says:

    Your thoughts (or posts if you like) however muddled make sense to me and you should never change your style of writing..

    • Joliea Says:

      @wamathai, *blush* Aki thanks for dropping by dear. And I will follow your advice 🙂

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