Thank God Its Furahiday!!

Yea, thank Him indeed. Ungekuwa wapi kama sio Yeye? Na kwa kweli naamini Anaishi! (Where could you be without Him? And indeed I believe He lives!)

I dedicate this post to

Nkirdizzle and Kawiria. Because of continuing the TGIFridays tradition. And I joined in 🙂

I am excited about

This weekend I get to relax and reflect. The following week I get to analyze if some of the measures I took this week made any impact. So…

I'm excited!!!

photo credit

This past week was like


Sometimes you gotta just stick it up and suck it in!

My philosophy is and has always been

“Live and Let Live; Love and Let Love”


photo credit

Fab Weekend Y’all!!


4 Responses to “TGIFurahidays!”

  1. nkirdizzle Says:

    It’s great that my TGIFridays idea has caught on and spread like a small fire lol.
    Keep the fire burning 🙂

    • Joliea Says:

      @Nkirdizzle, YAY!!

  2. uaz truly Says:

    Tha cat lukz lyk amekaushwa na

    • Joliea Says:

      Uaz, LMAO!! Aki wewe!! 😀

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