Asking for Forgiveness and the Uhuru Blast

Hi guys!

Been a while eh? Well don’t mind. Am doing okay. Work is becoming a biash nowadays! Am so swamped…but I guess the chums should pay off, no? Hehe!

So I wanna give my sincerest apologies for changing my site’s look (Theme) every now and then. I don’t like having different looks all the time but its just that I am looking for certain thinks all the time and my interests tend to shift. Poleni sana!
In other news, my weekend was so so (I have an ish ish life! But who’s complaining?), but it was good. I am glad I am alive! I feel bad that in as much as I wanted to continue with this trend, I am failing horribly at it! But hopefully I will pick it up again.
I am saddened by the Uhuru Park Blast! I cannot believe that these Constitutional Politics have stooped this low! Whether the blame lays on the YES camp or the NO camp is out of question. The thing is that lives were lost (5 according to news sources) and people were injured. All in the name of the new katiba. I am sad. Very sad.

The Beautiful Uhuru Park Nairobi

When will we ever learn?

photo credit: Wikimedia


6 Responses to “Asking for Forgiveness and the Uhuru Blast”

  1. kw Says:

    Once you go black you never goes back…:-). kool look.
    Now, can someone pls relocate me to afghanistan!, seriously, am just recovering from the nightmare that some serial killer is hypnotizing to a cellar and now this!
    I watched yesterdays news on the 8yr old boy family who died in the blast and just felt very sad:-( the mum saying she doesnt see the need for the constitution now, how can you, when you have lost yua only lil boy in a country that someone can rip off your insides any min they feel like.
    PS: you need the vuvuzela to complete the SA background look, no?

    • Joliea Says:

      Hehe!! Vuvuzela indeed! I just did the background coz “tis the season to be footbally”!!

      Yea, that storo really hit us hard. We’re better than this! NKT! Am so mad!

  2. Wyndago Says:

    Then after this story i hear an ignorant dude sayin on facebook that those people at that meeting deserved what they got! Terming it as ‘Gods punishment!’. Sick! Too much hatred.
    I loove the new look!

    • Joliea Says:

      That was just off! Seriously. And whoever said that was STUPID! NKT!

      Thanks for the compliments and commenting 🙂

  3. shee Says:

    Still wondering why the whole hoolabaloo!

    • Joliea Says:


      Yea, it totally sux big tym! NKT!

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