TV Influence…And The Americans!

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So like the other day we were like talking with my friend in the office. And she was like talking really fast and all cause she’s like from the US as in she like studied there. How cool is that! Its like super incredible, right? I was telling her like how amazing it is to like study in America and stuff. And she was like yea its like so amazing. So we like went on and on like talking about studying in the US and stuff. Like super cool and all. You have no idea how long the conversation like went for. It like went on for like hours and hours. In fact I was like seriously we need to like stop talking and like go home right now because it was like getting really dark outside and like we wouldn’t like get a jav and all. It was like really cool talking to her.

That there is a typical (my version) American jibberish. Plus the hands waving and everything! Notice something? So many like likes! I know…its like super annoying isn’t it? Like for real! (there I go again!)

To be honest, most of my English is self taught. Self taught through watching lots of TV. I love TV. I am a TV addict. I love the programs, the documentaries (some!)…i mean, what’s not to love? Basically about 50% of my really good and clean English is learnt from watching TV. And I know I repeated myself.

KTN Logo. (Photo Credit:

I love KTN. But they have flooded us with stuff from the US way too much! I mean, all we get is ngwe ngwe ngwe -ing stuff! And the above type of conversation can be found there. But lemme not hate on them too much. I still love KTN programs. I think its a nice selectionn.

On the flip side, they (KTN) are trying to diversify the programs by bringing South African, Mexican and even Kenyan programs. Sadly, IMO, bringing “Olivirdate Jamas” was influenced by all the hype created by Citizen TV and NTV for such telenovela. Still, bringing the SA stuff is quite nice. I think “The Lab” and “Jacob’s Cross” are good productions.

And there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen. There is my two-cents. Hmmm… be that as it may, sometimes I don’t trust myself enough to come up with what I would call “super-posts” but hey, this is my space and here I post things my way. It may not be the best way, the most conventional way or the way it should be but…its mine. And in the end, I will be accountable.

Next post will focus on activism and visibility or the lack thereof.


11 Responses to “TV Influence…And The Americans!”

  1. Wyndago Says:

    You like totally amuse me! Hehe.

    I think you give Tv too much credit. Yes, its taught us many- no, SOME- things but… i dont know, books just do it for me. I rarely watch tv these days.

    • Joliea Says:

      You are right. I gave it way too much credit!

      But thats me. I love TV.

      At least I am trying to spice up my reading culture! 🙂

  2. kw Says:

    Me am like ish this american jiberish is the ish, as in its the in thing, its just the ish, its got me cracking up n stuff, iiish!
    Jeez! who died went to hell talked with mugabe and said ISH is a word!! Add the am like ish and there you have it, a perfect menu for martha stewart.
    KTN has got it going on.. except when they brought this Olivirdate Jamas thingy on a freaking sat and sunday, I miss watching house 😦 . Yeah i will offend all my fellow women glued to the boxes watching this godforsaken soap but me?ad rather go take a lawn mower and wake up all folks who sleep at 7 🙂
    And hey,rock on, am like this is a superpost, like,its the iiish..i like it and stuff.Now ave definitely offended the americans!

    • Joliea Says:

      *DEEAAAD** That comment must be done into its own post!! Haha! I lurv it! Thanks kw.

  3. Shiko-Msa Says:

    My English comes from books. During my English learning years there was not too much telly to watch.

    Jacobs Cross is quite something. I don’t follow it but every time I stumble upon it I notice the acting and production is mzuri.

  4. Shiko-Msa Says:

    My English is from books. And good old Mrs. Mwea. During my English learning years there wasn’t too much telly to watch.

    Jacob’s cross is something. I don’t follow it but the few times I bump into it I think the production and acting is good.

  5. shee Says:

    Cant stop laughing at the conversation at the beginning of the post!

    BTW, your place looks cute! Am on to the other posts!

  6. kw Says:

    You’ve heard of Creative Commons license?where very talented, talking of talented, you’ve watched that DALC thingy they air in KTN?(btw, what is it exactly they say or do, open my eyes on that one if God forbid you watch it)now I wud give them a run for their money:)
    Where was I ?yah the license, this is where very rare brains(like mines) and anything like this post associated with this peeps should not be re-posted unless this very genius people inspects minutely(i love my high sch english teacher) the brains of this other people….
    All the composition written above was just a summary of saying you are welcome, blame it on the 844.

    • Joliea Says:

      Haha!!! *DEAD* Yep. Thats definitely thanks to 844 AND the Nairobian’s language hehe!!

  7. wamathai Says:

    I dont think that TV has or will affect your life like the way it will your kids coz the focuz now is on overseas productions and that will impact negatively on them.

    • Joliea Says:

      You are right Wamathai. Although I tend to think that its your choice to know what to take in. I decided to learn from it and not let it lead my life. Sadly, some people don’t have this skill 😦

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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