Proudly African! with ®FLUID Tees

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®FLUID: Contemporary Brand for Top Designs • Unique • Fashionable and Culture T-Shirts

That, there, is the tag line they carry on their TWITTER and FACEBOOK pages.

And who exactly is “®FLUID”??

®FLUID is a modern-day Brand by a team of designers that allow you to express yourself through Art on your Tees. Expect unique fashionable trends that appreciate your culture.

Oh, and their mission?

To be a Top Brand and your choice in Fashion and as a means of expressing yourself through Art.

Aah… sounds like a breath of fresh air, no? Art, Fashion, Design, African authenticity….what more could you ask for?

Just have a look at this amazing design they got!!!

Poster from Facebook page.

That there, ladies and gentlemen, is an amazing design, wouldn’t you agree?

And the best thing…They cost only Ksh.1,000! Plus if you’re around Westy, FREE DELIVERY!

Just call the numbers in the poster or email them or reach them on twitter/facebook and you’re on.

p.s. If I don’t get a free tee for this….I’mma sue! 😀


3 Responses to “Proudly African! with ®FLUID Tees”

  1. kw Says:

    I agree, this design is siiiic! Now, where are this peeps located in westy?
    No, let me use the easier route, why dont I also sue you if you dont give me that T for being the first to comment!!No? maybe you shouldnt want to hear the names of my lawyers..! 😀
    PS: You are not getting away with the promise you made here last week…!Now am almost yelling.

    • Joliea Says:

      OMG! Am so so sowie…been so so busy…even this post was done so so fast! But I do have something in the offing…most likely activism based and more so will be about LGBTI rights in Kenya.

  2. Evans Gichomo Says:

    Kw You May place an order on our email:
    The tees are awesome! You’ll love them..

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