Another Short Post…

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Multitasking! pc.

basically what i am trying to say is that i am swamped with work, i wanna blog but sina time, job ni mingi na im bummed kabisa! even punctuating this post is a tussle coz nataka kuiandika fasta fasta ndio nirudi job. gosh! didnt know writing in swa was so much harder! jeez!

anyhoo, i will get time to do a constructive post and maybe pick one of the many activism topics i have at hand. ziko mingi and i wanna have them posted. i don’t like forgeting things and i shouldnt forget to post.

nurse my errors please!


6 Responses to “Another Short Post…”

  1. wyndago Says:

    Writing in Swa is something you shouldn’t try at home! 🙂 but all the best in work and activism.

  2. kw Says:

    Yes, ana short post, I was almost yelling, the pot-bellied, weathered by years of tragedy and illness and unemployment-drunk on scotch and just got home from the coal mine kind of yelling… 🙂
    Where was I?Right, cant wait for the post…you do great work,shikilia hapo hapo>yes swa is that ngumu..

  3. cdohnio Says:

    Lazyness!! Stop joking!! We want posts!!We want posts!!We want posts!!*chanting*

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