Love Spell

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Its been a while since I did a post on TV stuff. And I had thought about it last night while TV surfing and I just said that despite being a fan of so many TV shows, I will write about this mexican one that I really enjoy. And I know I aint the only one!

So this one called “Sortilegio” or Love Spell is really intriguing, no? Latest news is that Maria Jose has a sister! A twin sister to be precise! And she is indeed idetical! I must say that, in my opinion, I think she is the same person and judging by the way she’s acted out the Maria Jose role, honestly acting out Sandra must be quite exciting! The two have nothing in common! Maria is such a nice sweet lovable modest girl while her supposed twin is the total opposite! She’s a rebel, smokes, drinks, does drugs…you name it!

Maria Jose & Alejandro

So at the moment Sandra, Maria’s twin is on the verge of dying. And her mom plus the hubby want money from the grandad. The grandad doesn’t even know that Sandra has a twin. Sandra’s mom wants to use Maria to help her get the inheritance from the grandad but needs to find a way to blackmail Maria. So they now want Bruno, the brother to Alejandro. Alejandro is Maria’s husband, owner of Lambardo business, which Bruno, the half brother wants and Alex doesn’t want to give it to him…waaay too much to say!

All I can say for now is, I like the way Mexicans do their shows. Telenovela stuff is quite great.

Next is my take on Kenyan productions. Wait for it 🙂


3 Responses to “Love Spell”

  1. itchbay Says:

    Goodness. You understand those soaps? They just seem so complicated these days. I miss The Rich Also Cry, Wild Rose, No One But You et al 🙂

  2. Joliea Says:

    Haha! I am a self proclaimed TV junkie!!

  3. Wyndago Says:

    I wouldn’t understand if i didn’t watch it.. and i don’t watch that sh*t.

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