Its Not You, Its Me

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How many times have you heard that line? How many of you have been dumped using that line? Well, I’m a girl and somehow, its a line ive not heard at all. Why? Because I am generally afraid of relationships! I fear them a lot! I have been hurt more than twice and id never want to go through such again.

The first time I heard those words for real they were coming from my first crush. I was deeply in love. Or so I thought! We had only been in the relationship for like two months and things were okay. See, in high school relationships, one doesn’t expect them to last. But tell that to the girl in the supposed relationship and you will definitely be getting some detail on your face! I wish I could write more on the gory details of how we used to sneak into far end toilets in the schools we found each other in during outings and innings and make out like crazy. Or the heavy petting that also went on…or even the time I….. I just wish I could but I will let your imaginations run wild!

Sadly, that guy left me. And he plastered that phrase on my face. I don’t even know why I cried so much while I knew he was a serial player. He had a battalion of girls around him all the time and I would stand a slight distance eyeing him sweet talking those girls like a hawk ready to pounce on his prey. Anywho, the point is that he left me.

The last time I heard those words for real again they were coming from my own mouth! I was in this really long relationship and I was not so sure where it was headed for. The guy was everything id want in aman. Sadly though he had this thing of silence that I couldn’t stand. We’d meet like once in two or three months and sometimes I think thats why the relationship lasted as long as it did! He’d promise to meet me at my place then he’d bail out at the last minute claiming to have made some bad planning or some stupid excuse such as that.

The reason why I went on with him for a long time before I called it quits was because I didn’t have time to look around for another guy and since he was around (for whatever short time he was actually around) I didn’t mind as such. Also, back then I was quite introverted and though flirtatious, never made any serious moves because I had issues to deal with and I felt that he was the only one whod understand them.

Anywho, the day finally came when I had had it with his two month span appearances and empty promises. If there is someone who can know what the real meaning of empty promises is, its gotta be me! I couldn’t believe that after such a long time, it was finally over. And guess what, I didn’t feel a thing!

Now, singledom is sweet! To some people I have someone in my life, to some, I have mutliple people. In the end it ain’t none of anyone’s biz! Well, someday something will happen and it will be good.

Wake me up when that day comes! And make me a sandwich while you’re at it!


9 Responses to “Its Not You, Its Me”

  1. Savvy Says:

    The longest r/ship ave heard is 2 months!

    • Joliea Says:

      Ooohkaay! Bummer! No comment on that!

  2. itchbay Says:

    I’ve heard it once. Stupidest relationship of my life. And I heard it OVER THE PHONE!!! *not bitter* lol

  3. Tricia Says:

    Mine 3 years and lets say now I’m a big girl..I embrace the hurt with open arms, really. though still a little afraid of them

  4. Maina Says:

    You would make it in toilets? So funny *said with a Kuyu accent*

    Thumbs up for getting the guts to call it quits.

    I prefer it when relationships die a natural death. Then the ex wont keep stalking me. Unfortunately, only 2 have ended that way.

  5. Wyndago Says:

    I FEAR relationships! I’ve run away from many! Poor girls. But i’ve heard that line before.. i was ‘in love’ n i wanted to start something with her n thats when she said it. 2 weeks later she had a boyfriend.

  6. Joliea Says:

    Tricia, Indeed. I think everyone is a little afraid of them. To some degree.
    Chiira, Yea!! Kwa choo imagine! In these, someone must do the dirty work!
    Wyndago, being bold can help at times. You never know!!

  7. Suetiful Says:

    I have never heard that line imagine but its because I leave once I see that things aree getting old/boring and a breakup is coming….I think to some extent we are all a little afraid of relationships and rightly so..they are scary:) but I’ve grown from my break ups so no regrets šŸ™‚

    I am soooo ashamed I have never commented on your blog the way you are so faithfully on mine šŸ˜¦ playing catch up and promising to change šŸ™‚

    and my longest relationship was two years..and I felt married..Trish, you are my hero!! woah!!! šŸ™‚

    • Joliea Says:

      @Suetiful, Always a pleasure commenting dear. And thanx for commenting. Its no obligation tho, hehe..

      two years! wah!

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