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This may seem like a lack of plot but I actually do lack a plot! Ouch! In other news, I have qualms I’d like to vent here kidogo.
Don’t you hate it when you enter a mat and all you have is a thao note in hand and the makanga looks like he dasnt want anything to do with anyone then here you are ongezeaing him mastress za asubuhi!? Isn’t it so much of an embarrasment when you have to start explaining ati woiye sina pesa ingine (I don’t have any other cash) then you see the poor lad with a down-cum-angry face opening the mat door with gusto to go out and scout for change just for you!?
Don’t you hate it when you’re wearing heels and a skirt and its raining and its like every damn car has beef with you? Every damn car!! all of them start splashing murky puddle water on your nice legs kwanza end its morning! Gai fafa! #Nkt!
Don’t you hate it when its in the cold season and your in a tiny mat sandwitched between two “well built” ladies and both of them don’t give a hoot about your much needed comfort #IfYouKnowWhatIMean!? Its just so annoying! And to top it all off…
Don’t you hate it when still in that teeny weeny mat you’re in, every goddamned person seated at a window explicitly refuses to open the window! Ati coz “kuna baridi”. Baridi my a**! (I think @Chiira posted something like this on his blog.)
And finally, don’t you just hate it when you go to a very expensive looking restaurant eager to savour their delicious meals and what you get is a lousy lazy waiter who looks like he had his fair shots of marijuana for breakfast lunch and brunch? I mean, kwani the supervisor too is in on it? And then you order something and they mutter to you something like “Ala Carte takes longer bla bla bla” WTH is that? OK, you give them respect coz, after all, it is expensive looking! Then finally when your meal arrives it is neatly arranged on a big plate smack right on the middle. No wait…its not the plate thats big! Damn you expensive looking restaurant!
Enjoy your cold Thursday won’t you!

9 Responses to “#DontYouHateItWhen”

  1. tricia Says:

    You have about covered everything i hate…kwanza the ones for the mat issues..ziko mob kabisa!
    Loved reading this!

  2. Wyndago Says:

    No, no, those are small matatu issues! Don’t you HATE it when before you enter a mat you ask to confirm where the final destination will be only for the makanga to change his mind later and drop you at quite a distance from where you wanted?! Or even worse, for them to announce a new fare while you are already in the mat and the vehicle is moving? ..and very fast for that matter.

  3. itchbay Says:

    Did you go through all that in one day? Talk about having it rough! Sorry 🙂

  4. Elsie Wandera Says:

    Good stuff here Joliea :~)) Check out my blogs!

  5. kbaab Says:

    LOL! We are bitter aren’t we? But i fully agree with you. I’ve had it with mats! Every morning before i board one i always pray that i may get my own ride sooner rather than later. I can’t wait for that to happen.

  6. Maina Says:

    I hate it when i have to sit between two women with HMDs (Handbags of Mass Destruction) and they rummage in there for fare and/or cellphones. The torture!!!

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