Oh Wheeer……is my Mind!?

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Image courtesy of Toonpool.

Of late I have gotten this ill behaviour of reaching the office and the first thing I do is read blogs. I am turning into a blogwhore OMG!! #Hownow? Seriously things have to change. I said it before and I will say it again. Its jeopardising my job sometimes, not always. But then again I love it, I love it I said that thrice!

So is there a cure? Well, no. oh I just answered myself. There comes a time my daughter that you reach a point of no return and the only cure in the world is to poke at….ok what the hell am I saying??

Blah! Scratch that. I am now lost.

Help me find my mind!

p.s. I will be going for minor surgery next week so may I be in your prayers and mentions to your God. AMEN!

4 Responses to “Oh Wheeer……is my Mind!?”

  1. C_Leo_patra Says:

    Will def pray for ur surgery to be a success….We are not done with u yet!

  2. akie5 Says:

    Don’t worry! Faithful God is with your all the time 24x7x365!
    All you have to do is to trust in Him, see ya very soon!

  3. kbaab Says:

    Sorry babes. How did the surgery go? I’m praying for your quick recovery.

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