Hi. I’m Joliea and I am a BLOGAHOLIC!

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(This is re-post from my old blog. Just thought of it!)

I am officially back into the blogging world! Sounds weird huh? Considering I started another one on wordpress, another one on blog.com, another one on tumblr…need I go on? Seriously I am just addicted! Addicted to writing, sharing my views and putting them on paper and what better way of doing this than by basically sharing it with the ENTIRE WORLD! LOL! I amuse myself sometimes. But you know what, I like this and I aint gonna stop. In fact, I will be posting anything and everything. I hope to make mind-fucking posts that will provoke people’s minds (and mine too!) into thinking harder and reasoning more and bla bla bla…all that sh*t!

So there. Ive done it. Im back in bizness. If you think its boring, I don’t wanna force you to read it…move along thank you very much!

11 Responses to “Hi. I’m Joliea and I am a BLOGAHOLIC!”

  1. tricia Says:

    I like your blog name..’ME I THINK’ ! it reminds me of all the times i say that. And am also addicted to blogging i think i will start another blog.

    Jolie’s note: I know!! Me I know I say “Me I” a lot!!!! haha!!

  2. Kawi Says:

    I like 🙂 am also sort of a newly formed blogaholic. Just figured I also use “Me I” quite alot as much as I try to avoid saying it, it comes out so naturally…lol

  3. bendyourhead Says:

    i think im also getting addicted to this u know…..thanks for the intro junkie!

  4. coloseum Says:

    Me I think im addicted too.i miss my comp!!need to blog.

  5. coloseum Says:

    ..back to work(bet you happy my break is over, no more bragn) and every free minute i get is shared between wordpress and youtube..

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